Trying to block it out…

So here I am, writing this post on my phone.

By the time I post this, I’ll obviously be on my PC – but I’m sat down bored, waiting… in a waiting room (surprisingly) and thought I’d be productive.

I’m using the ‘notes’ app on my phone.

Unfortunately, timings have also meant I haven’t had an opportunity to eat in a while.

So I’m sat only sat here bored, I’m sat here bored, hungry, grumpy and listening (not voluntarily) to some insanely boring conversations others around me are having at quite a loud volume.

So I’m trying to block it out, whilst focusing on writing you this highly useful message.

Lately I’ve been researching and testing different online marketing techniques (particularly with Facebook) and had some very interesting results. So much so I’m going to record a few more bonus videos for the Fix Your Website Fast resources area.

The book is full of solid, real strategy. The reason I didn’t go into intricate detail / techniques specifically on platforms is simple – platforms change on a practically daily basis. Books do not.

So you get all the principles and strategies you need from the book, but the resources are going to add an extra layer that will really make it simple for you to get started with online marketing tactics like Facebook, etc.

And I’m planning on building out the resources area to be pretty jam packed with stuff.


Because it’s not just about the book. Reading the book won’t help you if you don’t take action. But if you don’t know HOW to take action, you need more help to get going… and if you’re willing to put the time in to learn, I’m willing to put the time in to help.

Thus, the resources.

But this goes hand in hand with some significant changes to my Magnetic Tribe too – and my existing members plus anyone who grabs a copy of my book will get all those benefits first.

That’s just one small extra reason you should grab your free chapter of my book.

My book is Fix Your Website Fast: The Quick, Dirty and Uncensored Secrets to Transform Your Website into an Insanely Profitable Sales Machine… If you’re looking to generate more sales, more business and get more free time – I guarantee you this book will help… but judge for yourself. Download the free chapter now before committing to the book, and discover the real secrets behind generating more sales from your website, FAST…

Get your free chapter here.


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