Tiny little chunks

Monday and Wednesday are weight training days.

Tuesday and Thursday are cardio days.

Friday gets a bit of a mix, but is mostly cardio related stuff.

Tuesdays and Thursdays used to be rowing, or walking at high incline on the treadmill, but it’s more running than anything now.

By Christmas, I’d like to be running 10k each Tuesday/Thursday morning, along with doing a Park Run on Saturday.

But the 10k won’t be an easy task, considering that my time in the gym normally has a maximum limit of about 50 minutes… although on the other hand, the treadmill is easier to run “faster”…

…it’s doing half the work for you… it’s moving the ground, you’ve just gotta keep your legs moving.

This morning’s run was good… although tomorrow will be more fun.

Due to a change in schedule, I can’t go to the gym as normal.

I could have just said “I won’t go” but that’s the start of a slippery slope.

So I’m going out for a run on the pavement.

I love running outdoors in Winter, although it’s not been that cold yet.

There’s something really ace about running along the seafront in blisteringly cold winds and rain, whilst simultaneously being warm thanks to a base layer, running top and jacket (and maybe even gloves).

But returning to this morning’s run… I had one of my best runs yet.

And I put it down to breaking it into small goals.

I knew I had to do around 45mins.

But that’s enough to make you want to give up right at the start… running solidly for 45mins… ergh…

(Especially as some bright spark has put Kent TV on the TV in front of the treadmills. In case you don’t know, I don’t live in Kent. It’s over the water from us… so it’s really really not relevant).

I didn’t have my headphones, so I couldn’t listen to anything.

At least when I’m running outside, I get to look around. Here I just had the same 6 news stories, over and over and over and over and over again.

So I broke it into 10min blocks.

Warm up for 10mins… then a gentle walk just for a few mins to recover, then get a proper pace on the go.

But even 10mins seemed hard.

So I went with milestones.

1/10th of the way there (1:00).

1/5th of the way there (2:00)

1/4 of the way there (2:30)

1/3 of the way there (3:20)

…and so on.

Each little milestone meant I knew I only had maybe a minute, minute and a half or maybe 2mins most to get to the next milestone.

Tiny. Little. Chunks.

But each tiny little chunk added up, and before I knew it, I’d done my 45minutes running.

I do something similar on my runs outside.

I know the landmarks that indicate where I am on my run.

1k in, 2k, 2.5k (the Pier), 3k, 4k, 5k (home).

My point here, because all this ties into business as well as health, is that for every big task you’ve got – you can break it down into little tasks.

Got a massive document to write?

Just write one page.

Got a massive amount of people to phone?

Just phone one.

Break down your tasks, make it easier.

And talking of making things easier…

That’s exactly what my health check is going to do for you.

It’s going to give you ideas and strategies to implement in your business immediately and give you a profit boost.

And for just one more week (offer ends next Thursday, and trust me, that’ll be here in a flash) you can get it half price.

Use the code NOVEMBER and it’ll drop by 50%.

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