This gets the heart rate going…


Cardio day.

I’d have like to hit the road, but I’m going to stick to routine and convenience and go on the treadmill.

I’m tired, and I’m fighting every urge to say “don’t bother” – but because it’s so ingrained as part of my routine now, it’s actually more convenient for me to hit the gym than to miss it.

So the treadmill makes it easier… it makes it more convenient.

The other thing the treadmill is good for, is incline work.

So I’ll be aiming to do a 5k run, but having various stages at 15% incline.

That gets the heart rate going, I tell you.

Normally, running, my heart rate is between 155 and 165bpm. Often if I mix in the inclines it’s at 170bpm and sometimes 175bpm… but some sustained running at 15% brought it up to 182bpm…

To be perfectly honest I don’t know if this is a good thing or not, something to ask my PT I guess.

But either way, and my point, it’s a good way to get you going for the day.

Too often in the past I’ve dragged myself, feeling tired to the office and sat there… feeling tired.

And those days aren’t productive.

Since starting the new regime, even when I’ve felt shattered (due to late nights, early mornings or simply a bad night’s sleep) I’m fully woken up by the time I hit the office.

The right habits are powerful.

But so are the wrong ones.

Powerfully destructive.

But we don’t see them, do we?

I mean, we wouldn’t actively make life harder for ourselves, would we?

We wouldn’t deliberately do things to prevent the growth of our businesses.

But we all do… we all have bad habits… and you don’t see them because, well, they’re habits.

You do them without thinking.

So that’s where I’d like to help.

A simple ‘outside eye’.

Someone to look in your business with no interest other than to offer some help and support.

It normally costs £247 + VAT but until 5pm Thursday you can get this half price.

Simply use the code NOVEMBER and the checkout and it’ll drop by 50%.

Find out what’s included here.

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