Something to prove you’re ‘serious’…

Don’t you just love Black Friday?

All those deals for all that stuff…. that you just have no need for.

I was scanning Amazon at the weekend for a laugh, and some of the products that were discounted…… Well, let’s just say I can see why they were discounted.

But I get it.

It’s something retailers have jumped on because, well, any reason for a promotion, right? And everyone else is doing it……

(And I understand why…)

Any reason to discount and subsequently get a sale.

Any reason to advertise… to anyone, everyone, and beyond.

But here’s why Black Friday is kinda stupid: You’re deliberately attracting all the people who only want to buy on discount. All the people who buy on price… all the people who “just want a deal”.

Actually that’s just one reason, there are many more… and one in particular is profits. I’ll come to that in a second.

But you know what I think would be a really good marketing strategy this time of year?

Deliberately going full guns blazing with advertising along the lines of “No Black Friday Rubbish Here, Just Consistently Great Value And Great Quality” … OK that’s kinda weak but I’m not gonna sit here and come up with anything better. I’ve got websites to code. But my point is even that as weak as it is, is significantly stronger than “PLEEAASE BUY MY STUFF IT’S AT 99% OFF”.

(If you want something better, drop me a mail, let’s have a chat…)

But don’t get me wrong… I get it.

If you’re doing it, I understand why.

You think you have to because everyone else is doing it… and if you don’t, then your customers will just go elsewhere. Right?

Mmmm… maybe. But that might not be a bad thing.

If you’re set on doing it this year, and I know many of you will be, do me a favour.

Look at your profits for the upcoming period from when your deals start.

Because cutting your prices won’t cut your costs… it’ll only cut your profits.

Your overheads won’t change.

Your fixed costs won’t change.

Your suppliers (almost certainly) won’t be cheaper.

And attract the wrong sorta people.

I’d put a substantial wager you’ll make less money over Black Friday deals than you would if you just ignored it.

Because that’s the point… you make less money because you discount.

You’re cutting your profit margin so you have to make substantially more sales to make up for it.

Stick to your current profit margins, make fewer sales, make more profit.

Of course, I say all this, and I’m about to offer something at half price….

….but here’s the point: there are times and places to discount.

Those times are not when other people say you should.

This for me is one of those times, and here’s why: I’m not offering (and don’t offer… and nor should you) a discount on my core products/services.

I wouldn’t, and shouldn’t, discount my web design or marketing services.

If you want a premium service, you have to pay the premium price.

But what I’m offering right now is what’s referred to (and something I’d recommend you offer) as a ‘wallet opener’.

Something to prove you’re ‘serious’.

A wallet opener for you might be something that’s priced £0.99, or £7, £70 or £700 – ultimately it depends on what your ‘end product’ sells for, and what you’re offering.

But I’m doing this because I’m trying to ‘buy’ your trust.

When you see the quality of the health check, report, consultation and marketing strategy I give you… you’ll almost certainly be prepared to invest further with me.

(If you’re not, that’s fair enough – there’s no obligation by the way).

But ultimately, if you’re not serious enough to invest £123.50 + VAT to get something worth £10,000’s to you (and that’s guaranteed or your money back) then you’re not a serious prospect for me, so you know what? You should probably just unsubscribe (click the link at the bottom).

But if you ARE serious about trying to get more out of your marketing… get your health check by clicking the link below.

Remember to use the code NOVEMBER to get your health check for half price, and get the report worth over £10,000 to you

Get yours here.


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