Some devastating (for me) breaking news…

The breaking news this morning….

…the Wok & Go in Southend has shut down.

Oh. My. God.

Seriously, that place was amazing. I went there for lunch every single day for … I don’t know how long.

Around three/four weeks ago, following a conversation with Phil, I’d decided to cut it out completely from my diet.

It was disappointing, but I always thought “Oh well, I can always go there for a treat”.

No more.

As to the reasons for them shutting, I don’t really know.

They were always busy, when I was going, and ran good offers to get people coming back.

But… I did see a lot of ‘cut price’ deals going on and the “two for Tuesday” thing was a bit nuts.

I mean, it attracted the crowds for sure, but it must have done serious damage to their profits?

I don’t know. I don’t know the ins and outs of their business.

All I know is, Southend High Street is (yet again) another shop poorer.

After all, KFC shut down just a few weeks ago.

Honestly… I go on a diet for just a couple of months………….

But quite seriously, running any business is hard.

Whether it’s a retail / high street shop, or an ‘office based’ business, you’ve got to battle generating new sales, whilst delivering your end product.

Generating new sales might not mean generating new customers, of course.

The way I run my business, and the way I recommend you run yours, is to establish a relationship with your clients.

I liked something that (I think) Jon McCulloch said: Make friends of your clients, but not clients of your friends.

He could have been quoting someone else, or it could have been someone else that said it altogether, I honestly can’t remember.

Whoever said it anyway, was smart.

I don’t want to do work for, or with, someone – who I wouldn’t quite happily share a pint with.

(Well, a pint of lemonade nowadays…)

Question is, how do you go about doing that effectively?

The answer?

Well, it’s all in my book, Fix Your Website Fast.

Yes, it’s a book about your Website, but it’s much, much, much more than that.

It shows you just how to implement all this cool relationship building stuff, and more importantly, how to transform your website so that it’s a lead generation, profit making machine.

And because it’s Christmas and I’m feeling Christmassy, you can have your copy for just £7.

That covers the printing of the book, and the postage and packing to you.

Isn’t that nice o’ me?

Grab yours here.

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