Ridiculous logic spread by complete lies

Not so long ago, I overheard a conversation about contactless.

I think I might have been in a queue, or something, waiting to pay… I can’t remember (and it’s not important).

What was important, or amusing, was the subject of the conversation.

“I don’t use contactless, don’t trust ’em. People can just steal your contactless and be tapping here and tapping there and before you know it they’ve taken all your money.”


OK I maybe understand the concern, but the big problem here is, a lack of understanding.

A lack of understanding about how someone can “steal your contactless” in the first place…

But also how banks profile you so much, that they have a pretty good understanding of when it’s not you spending.

If you’re really that paranoid about it, you can get an RFID blocking wallet… that’d stop someone “stealing your contactless” from simply being nearby you….

But even then, the chances of someone “stealing your contactless” are no more than someone cloning your bank card and using it for a shopping trip.

Probably far less.

In fact, out of principle, I’ve just spent five minutes Googling (so by no means take these figures as fact) but a recent news report said contactless fraud “soared” to £7m.

Crikey, that’s a lot.

But let’s put that in perspective here.

According to another reputable sounding website the total fraud for cards totalled £567.5 million in the year before.

So yeah, £7m is a lot of fraud, but clearly there’s a much greater chance that they’ll simply steal your card details overall, because – well – there’s no limit, is there? They can get their hands on £100’s in cash and spend whatever they can on normal transactions.

In fact it’s probably easier and more lucrative for them to put devices in cash points, or simply steal your card details over the Internet or whatever – than it is to “steal your contactless”.

(Or by simply phoning people up, claiming to be from their bank, and asking them to confirm their bank card details… Yep, people do it).

But really, contactless fraud itself is irrelevant.

That’s not the problem here.

Because the fact is, it’s a seriously convenient technology (that I’ve embraced for as long as it’s existed).

I mean, paying by card used to be a pain in the backside in a busy bar. Now it’s expected – as my friend/client Simon discovered on a trip to London (from Wales) the other day… he’d observed everyone paying by card, and the bartender was surprised when he went to hand over cash, instead of a card (he’d even come over with a card terminal in his hand, ready).

Paying by cash is now slower than paying by card, thanks to contactless.

But the people who choose not to trust the technology, choose not to simply because to them – it’s easier living in their own World that they know.

It’s easier not to learn about it, because they haven’t experienced the benefits.

They choose not to trust the technology, because they don’t understand it.

Despite the fact the technology could make their life significantly easier, their lack of knowledge prevents them from paying faster and carrying less cash.

(I pretty much never have cash on me these days. I mean, who doesn’t accept card?!)

I don’t know what the answer is, and to be perfectly honest I don’t really care.

But my point, and the reason I bring this all up – is because this attitude isn’t unique.

Fear of the unknown, and a lack of trust for all things (especially online) is pretty common these days.

Because it’s easy to say anything you like over the Internet, and claim it’s true.

Look at Flat Earthers (if you don’t know what they are, you’re lucky).

Look at Anti Vaxxers (if you don’t know what they are, you’re even luckier).

Both are idiots, both blindly following completely unfounded arguments, rejecting all well established scientific research, by using ridiculous logic spread by complete lies online.

But it’s proof that, if you write it on the Internet, someone will believe it.

In the same way I can say, with a new website and marketing strategy from me, you could double your business over the next year.

I mean, I could go one further and use the traditional “Internet Marketer Scumbag” language and say something like:

“Get your profit-generating kick-ass new website now and earn 12 figures over the next 6 months with this super revolutionary marketing gizmo”…

…and maybe I’d get a few sales from it more than normal.

But I’d be misleading people, disappointing people, and more importantly, gradually destroying my own reputation.

Or I’d just look like an idiot.

But either way, I know what I say is true: for the average business that’s not really already focusing on direct marketing, correctly and consistently implementing what I talk about will generate you at least double the business you’re currently getting.

Well, great.

How do I get you to believe me?

The process itself is simple.

First, I have to build your trust.

No… scratch that, I have to earn it.

So that’s what this, is all about.

It’s about me earning your trust, and giving you something for relatively low value (because my time is valuable, just like yours) that’ll give you something lucrative in return.

My health check examines not only your website, but your business. And following the health check, we’ll have a consultation.

All of this is designed to give you a plan that will generate you at least £10,000 extra business over the next year, but often far more – depending on the type/size of your business.

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If you can’t afford, or justify that amount to get a strategy that’s worth £10,000 to you … well, then I wouldn’t want you as a client anyway – so it’s a “win win” scenario.

(In fact, if you’re that against giving me any money, in exchange for services, you’d probably best unsubscribe).

So just click the link below, and use the code NOVEMBER.

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