No way the bar was going any higher than just above my head…


Weights day.

No, before you worry, I’m not going to do this every day.

Yesterday was cardio day and I was, as I suspected, as unenthusiastic as a thing that’s unenthusiastic about being unenthusiastic.

But once I got going – probably 10/15 minutes in…. I was still unenthusiastic.

But I pushed forwards…

I started running at insanely fast paces, and running at inclines of 15%.

Overall I only ‘travelled’ 3.5k or so, but I burned probably more calories than a straight forward 5k run.

Today was my ‘day 2’ weights day.

And I’d pushed my limits on Monday, so figured I’ll push my limits today.

But I’m going for endurance, rather than sheer strength.

Going for as many reps as I possibly can, before failing.

This is a good strategy unless you’re on the benchpress, as I was today.

I’d done around 20 reps of my warm-up weight and then went up a notch.

And I got to around 6 and thought “that’s the limit…but….maybe……just…….one…………………mo…….nope….”

And realised there was no way the bar was going any higher than just above my head.

I got it back into the “last chance” bracket and wriggled out.

Of course, I could have stopped there, but I’m a stubborn bugger.

I dropped the weight a bit, then did another 10.

It’s damn hard work, day in day out, but it’s paying off.

Day by day I don’t notice it.

The weight is taking ages to come off, but the beauty of progress photos is, I can go back to “week one”.

And comparing week one and now is crazy.

The difference the photos show give a whole new level of motivation (no wonder Phil insists on them, huh?).

But this is largely my point.

This is all about tracking.

If you don’t track your results, you have no idea how much better you’re doing, week on week, month on month.

It’s the same with AdWords, Facebook, Direct Mail… Hell, it’s the same with any marketing.

If you don’t track a campaign consistently, how do you know how much better it is? (Or worse…)

It’s why I wouldn’t even dream of running an AdWords account without tracking – there’s just no point. You can’t measure progress and you don’t know what’s working and what’s not.

And it also gives us the ability to ensure week on week, month on month, year on year, that campaigns are getting better.

You can see that each month, your ROI is getting better, and better, and better.

But before we can talk about AdWords, you need to ensure your website is up to scratch.

And the best way to find out that, along with a ‘how to’ transform your website into a profitable sales machine – is to get a website health check.

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