I think they made a mistake…

At the weekend we went to London to see a Dinosaur show.

The whole thing was like a “meet the Dinosaurs experience” and the concept was, we’d travel back in time 67 million years, and see the Dinosaurs in their natural habitat.

So you go into a time machine, put on your special glasses (cos the UV light 67 million years ago would break your eyes) and then look out the “windows”.

I admit it was very, very well done – and I completely understand why various kids might turn into blubbering wrecks.

Especially at the end, where we’re “under attack”.

The whole atmosphere was made by the fact that all the staff were playing their part.

The “concerned worker” who didn’t think we should go up to the next level because “someone hadn’t authorised it” – the rebellious worker who just said “it’s fine, it’ll be OK” (ha, that’s me).

The whole thing was done really well, and all of us thoroughly enjoyed it.

But I do think they made a mistake.

A big mistake.

A mistake that’s probably costing them £1000’s upon £1000’s.

I dread to think how much it’s costing them.

Remember I talked about going to the Harry Potter studios a while back?

Now there was a place that knew how to extract money from you.

My point being, at no point from walking in until we were in the gift shop, was there anything for us to buy.

And you’ve got a captive audience, who have all paid to be in the room, i.e. they’re buyers, and you don’t sell to them.

It’s like getting 100 paying people into a room for a seminar, then not bothering to sell them anything further.


There were loads of opportunities they could have entwined it into the story, and allowed you to buy a dinosaur tooth or claw, or whatever – the detail is irrelevant – the point is, they should have sold somethingthrough the tour.

Because once you’re at the end, you just want to get out.

Get away from the crowd.

Rush off to get your train.

Whatever… people don’t want to hang about in the gift shop after the event, as much as they would during the event.

My point, largely, is that people want to be sold to… but they buy when they want to buy.

If you make it convenient, easy, and part of the experience/show, you’ll get more sales.

How do you implement this in your marketing?

Not sure?

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