I had no idea how cool it was…

So I’m writing this in a slight state of anger.

I don’t know why, but today (yesterday), our Internet is being useless.

I keep waiting up to a minute waiting for the page to reload as I’m trying to see the updates to code.

So much so, that out of frustration, I’ve decided to make use of this “blank space” page reload time.

This has happened more and more since I left an area with fibre broadband.

And oh, how I miss it.

The trouble is, coding very much requires concentration. You need to get ‘in the zone’, similar to writing copy, designing or whatever.

My point is, it’s something that requires focus to do efficiently.

And there’s something about staring at a screen, watching the timer of how long the page takes to load that distracts you from that focus.

I’m up to 55 seconds on this load so far.

It’s entirely frustrating, but there’s some good that’s come out of it.

First, I’ve started writing the email.

As it happens, by the time I’d got this far, the Internet had started behaving a bit better, and I got on with my day.

But second, it spurred me on to look at some developer tools from Apple.

Well, specifically, the developer tools built into the browser Safari.

I had no idea how cool it was.

I can use the inspector on my laptop, whilst browsing the page on my phone.

What that means is, I can look at the page on my mobile and see a “real life” generation of the page, and then use my computer to examine the code – helping me fix stuff much faster.

So in a way, I’ve got crap Internet to thank for that.

I have, however, started the processes of getting a leased line. It’s just driven me up the wall, and frankly, we’re an Internet based company, we need good Internet.

And whilst on this occasion some good has come out of it being slow, I could have potentially got twice as much work done today. And where I’m in a perpetual state of catch up (and I had a really quiet day yesterday, I could have got a ton more done) I need all the help I can get.

And talking of help… do you know how well your website is performing?

By that I mean… do you know how many leads or sales you get from your website on a monthly basis?

Most people, tend to know that pretty confidently.

Most people, tend to side with “zero” as their answer. Because their website is just a brochure site, or similar. They think it’s just something that “has to be there”.

And you’re not wrong.

You DO have to have a website that’s “just there”.

If you’re a bricks and mortar business, you need a healthy lookin’ website to reflect your healthy lookin’ business.

BUT…. what if I could help you get more?

What if I could help you get monthly, weekly or even daily leads and/or sales from your website?

Now I’m going to add a strong disclaimer for the very reason I don’t want to “mislead” you.

First, there is no magic “one” solution. There’s going to be no “one” thing that you can do that’ll suddenly make you a millionaire overnight.

Second, there’s a good chance your website itself, is fine. And there’s an even stronger chance that it’s your marketing strategy overall which is causing the lack of leads/sales from your website.

Third, you have to do the work. I can give you a cracking report which looks at your site in detail, and I will spend a good hour or more going over every inch of your website and produce you an *in depth* report.

It’s likely to be AT LEAST 10 pages, but I have done some going up to 25 pages before now.

It’s normally priced at £247 + VAT, which frankly is a BARGAIN, considering the revenues you can make off the back of my suggestions could be in excess of £10,000.

In fact, I guarantee it.

If you get the report, and don’t feel it’ll add AT LEAST £10,000 extra income in the next 12 months to your business, tell me and I’ll give you a full and complete refund.

But it gets better… because for the next two weeks you can get the report at half price – just use the offer code NOVEMBER.

So click here to find out more, including what exactly is in the health check, and when you’re ready to go ahead use the code NOVEMBER to get a 50% discount!

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