I couldn’t be bothered

I went out for what can only be described as a “bloody cold” run this morning.

Ice everywhere.

Before I left the house, I knew it’d be cold… I could see white ice covering the paths.

As such I couldn’t run as fast as I wanted in places, and in the end I took to the sand and ran along the beach for a good portion of the run.

So it might have been a slow run, but I still got a pretty healthy workout.

But I nearly didn’t go.

Mainly because I couldn’t be bothered.

I ached massively from yesterdays workout, overslept because I’d had a bit of a late night but again, primarily I think because of the workout yesterday… so I had every excuse to skip it.

I then realised, that my usual gym gear wasn’t clean, I’d forgotten to get it out the gym bag yesterday and whilst I could have got away with wearing it from a smell perspective (hey, I was outside after all…) it was still damp…. (nice…)

Another reason not to go?

But I dug out some of my old gym gear, which has been at the back of the shelf for some time.

Stuff that didn’t fit.

And surprisingly, not only did it fit but it was quite comfortable.

The added benefit, it was all my winter running gear, so I went out and wasn’t even remotely cold… even running along the beach (which was pretty fun, despite it being intensely hard).

But my point is – it makes a difference: using the right kit.

The right tools for the job.

(I’ve discovered that to my pain, time and again, with DIY).

Do you have the tools you need to fix your website?

And by fix, I mean: use it to actually generate you sales rather than just looking pretty?

My friend Dev puts it quite well:

“Every now and then a book comes along and you say to yourself ‘Holy Cow. I wish I’d had this book years ago’.

Fix your Website Fast! is just one of those books.

When starting out in business there’s everything to do and usually just one or two of you trying to do it all. And that means you rely heavily upon advice from experts.

And one of the people you rely upon is your web developer.

But the trouble with that is that most web developers can design you a pretty website but know nothing about how to make it effective at doing the one thing you really need your website to do: Generate leads for your business. To help you make sales. Worse still they don’t even realise it. Like most people they assume a pretty website will easily generate sales and cash in the bank for your business. You probably thought the same yourself at one time.

So if you’re not getting the leads from your website that you KNOW are out there online, you NEED this book.”

Now you might say “he’s your friend, he’s biased” – and yeah, maybe. But the thing is Dev is not the sort of person to say things he doesn’t believe – he’s a straight talking, honest man with great integrity who will simply tell you how it is, not how you want it to be. If my book was crap, he’d tell me so.

But then, you can just judge for yourself.

Because I absolutely guarantee this book will help you grow your business.

If there’s any doubt in your mind once you’ve read it, that this book will help you earn at least another £10,000 in the next year (and easily could be £100,000 if you’re a larger business) then just tell me, and I’ll give you your money back.

And as it’s Christmas, instead of £25 you can grab yours for just £7… but only up to 3pm Friday.

AND it’s still Guaranteed. Get it, read it, and love it… and if you don’t? Just tell me and I’ll give you a full refund, no arguments, no quibbles and no fuss.

So, grab yours now for just £7.

That covers the printing of the book, and the postage and packing to you.

Isn’t that nice o’ me?

Grab yours here.

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