How to make sure you *don’t* get the contract

Do you watch The Apprentice?

I’d not watched any this year, until the start of this week. Then I caught up with all the episodes so far.

All I can say is, I hope most of the ‘cringeworthiness’ is down to the editing.

I’m sure they make it look far more awkward than it is.

But even so, some of these candidates…. I mean…. they really make you wonder “Do they actually run a successful business already?”

The last one I watched was Wednesday’s one, which was the pet business one.

Now I took a bit more interest in that one just because I’ve done a lot with pet businesses, working with Dom (the author of “How To Be Your Dog’s Superhero”) and many others.

But you didn’t have to be a pet specialist to see they said some pretty stupid things.

It’s very easy to sit on my comfortable sofa, watching from a birds eye view, and critique their behaviour as terrible. So I try to give them some slack… because being in that group of people, probably brings out the worst in you.

You’re trying to do stuff to make yourself stand out, or to try to prevent yourself sticking out from doing something stupid.


If you’re pitching yourself to a dog grooming place, and say “Yeah I’m not a dog person. I’ve never had a dog.”

I mean, duh.

How to make sure you don’t get the contract, right?

Obviously I’m not saying to lie and say you’re an absolute doggy-mad person and have 300 dogs…. but maybe just keep your mouth shut and let some of the others do the talking.

I wonder if these people watch the episodes back and cringe as much as we do?

(Or do they sit there and wonder WTF is going on with the editing?)

Anyway…. I’m sure you don’t need as basic advice as “Don’t tell the client you hate their dog” but maybe I can help with your marketing overall.

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