Email Marketing: The Geeky Bit

…and now the Geeky bit…

I have saved the technical bit until now. I have done this for a reason.

I need you to understand that you must pay attention to this. If you have invested your time working your way through this so far, investing a little more into something that some could consider ‘boring’ shouldn’t be much of an ask.

And I’ll try to keep it as far from boring and geeky as possible. But, if you’re reading this, you should be a web designer, so this should make sense.

The main thing here, is that as I’ve mentioned earlier – if you’re convinced that the only way you can send an Email from your company is using a professionally designed newsletter style Email, you need your head bashing. With a stick. With rusty nails.

They are completely ineffective as a way of building a personal relationship with someone…and not only that, the lovely graphic designed Email you’ve gone to all the effort of making sure looks perfect, will almost certainly look rubbish on the readers screen. You normally have to click ‘download images’ to make it look how you want.

But the problem is, most people, especially given enough of the Emails, will just associate them as “another newsletter” and subconsciously skip by it.

You need it to be text for a reason.

I remember, one of the people I started Emailing ages ago, came up to me a week after I started Emailing him. He said “god, you know, I didn’t even realise it was a mailing system… it wasn’t until today I just noticed right at the bottom an unsubscribe option, I actually thought you were Emailing me personally every day…”

Here’s a perfect example of the sort of newsletter that you’ll be sending out if it’s all nicely designed:


Maybe not quite the right impression after all..?

There’s an important but here coming up though: you don’t use really nicely designed graphic emails but you should look at using HTML.

Using the HTML format allows you to choose the font you want…and allows you to indent the text in every paragraph (it makes it easier to read, we’ve been trained over years of reading books and literature to read this way). I have included the HTML template at the end of the guide that you should use.

Using the HTML format you’re able to make your links better (i.e. hiding the which also means if you’re using a system such as InfusionSoft, OntraPort, AWeber, etc… you can track the links effectively without it looking hideous.

So what’s the best system to use? Well, I’d highly recommend a few different products based on what you want to do. It’s hard for me to say X is the perfect solution because they all vary a little, and certainly in price.

To get you started, you can use someone like AWeber or Mailchimp.

I started doing some Email Marketing on Mailchimp before that, but I find them really, really, really difficult to get just a plain text style HTML email… although now I just write it in a HTML Editor and paste the code in afterwards.

If you’re ready to jump in both feet, then I would recommend either or – the latter is significantly harder but also (from the last time I checked) way better.

If you want an easy start – my suggestion is Mailchimp or Aweber (I’ve not used them in depth but heard good things, plus they integrate with LeadPages – something else you should look at but this’ll be covered in another guide)


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