Email Marketing: Selling In Your Emails

OK so we’ve now covered the fact that people do want Emails, they do want to hear from you and you now know what to write about and how to structure it.

So how do you actually sell in your Emails?

I have written many, many Daily Emails that somehow end up relating marketing or web design…but the thing is your Emails don’t need to be on your product.

“It’s not about the thing”.

It’s not about what you do, or what you sell.

If you started writing your Email on how fantastic your megaflop regulator is, then people will switch off. If you start writing about what an awesome Steak you had last night, people will be more likely to continue reading.

For example, one of the final Emails I sent selling this Crash Course originally was:

“Well, the French certainly know how to party.

I’m not going to go into it too much now, as I’m pretty much still hungover.”

The point is – you’re not restricted to talking about your product to sell your product.

You can finish your Email with “Whilst I’m Emailing you I thought I’d remind you of X…it’s available for £Y and you can get it by clicking here”.

You’re not writing as if this is your only chance for them to buy; if you’re doing Daily Emails, you’re writing to them every day. The conversion rate of sales will increase from the relationship that you build.

So it’s not always the content that sells it, it’s the relationship too.

Frequency is a big thing here; and I will very often send upwards of 5-6 Emails if not more in the last day or two of the promotion.

A deadline or some other form of scarcity will often help significantly boost your sales.

“But won’t everyone just get sick of all the Emails and unsubscribe?”

No. Not everyone. When I send out the multiple Emails in one day, I’ll get some unsubscribes, sure. But something else I’ll get that I’m more bothered about: sales. Money. Cash in the door.

I lose perhaps 1-2% of the list over, let’s say, a 3 day period where I send out upwards of 10-15 Emails. But in those final Emails, I am guaranteed to see some sales each time.

So to summarise: write your emails about anything, ease people into your story, don’t sell your product from the start, and make sure you have a PS.

Why have a PS? Well, you’ll have a lot of people skim-reading your Email. Some people will read every word. Some people won’t read it at all. But between some people reading every word and some people skim reading it, the last thing they read is your PS.

I often find having an entertaining PS is a good idea, and one that you can keep separate and use to span a story over 3 or 4 days…



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