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So, one thing that might surprise you is that the number of links in an Email can make just as much of a difference as the location of those links.

I read many a guide and information pack on Email Marketing over the years and this one tip stood out from the rest. In fact it makes a significant difference.

Three links in the body, one link in the PS.

It seems that when following that pattern, and especially when one link is earlier in the content, the performance of that campaign is better.

I’m not saying this is a scientific fact, as even the person who I got the tip from doesn’t claim to have done this under major amounts of testing. However, it makes enough of a difference when I test it to be worthy of noting here.

This one tip alone, could be worth £10,000’s to you over time; I haven’t enough data to do enough split testing with this, but I strongly suspect this brought me an extra 30% sales on my latest campaign.

One last thing to mention on links – which I touched on briefly earlier – is you shouldn’t put a link like “for more information go to” – for one reason and another it’s not good practice.


Ben Waters

Direct Response Marketing & Web Design Expert

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