Email Marketing: Getting In their Inbox…

OK so this is an important consideration.

You’ve written the worlds most awesome email, but you just end up in the junk folder.

It’s one the key reasons you absolutely must not send out your Email from your normal Email client. Even if you BCC to everyone thinking that that’s ok. It’s not.

Many Email clients come with a Junk Email filter; in fact my copy of Outlook currently holds 31,576 emails in it. I believe they only sit in there for 30 days but I don’t pay much attention to it.

Every now and then I’ll go and scan it, but that’s sometimes a couple of weeks apart. So unless the user has gone out of their way to whitelist you, you might end up there. It can be worth asking in one of your first couple of Emails to get the user to whitelist you.

If you decide to use your own server, with your own software, you might find that you’re still not able to get through to the likes of Outlook/Hotmail, Gmail and many others. The reason being that they’ll look at a number of things, from the IP Address you send from to the content of the email itself. If your “IP Reputation” is too low, Outlook may well even delete it without passing it to the user or bouncing it back.

How you send your Email, and what you put in it, are critical. Don’t offer a free report then just send a load of ‘buy this now’ style Emails.

Never, ever, ever buy a list. This is a sure fire way to get banned from any major provider such as InfusionSoft, Mailchimp, whoever. If they haven’t explicitly asked for Emails from you, you don’t send them.

Don’t write your Email in Word, then paste it into your Email software. For many technical reasons this fills up your Email with crappy code.

So just to cover one last thing. Why does Emailing this way work? What’s the secret that means you suddenly go from zero sales to thousands of sales?

If it’s not clear to you by now, one of the strongest and most logical reasons is this. You’re there.

You’re there when they’re interested in the first place (might be thinking of buying sometime soon). You’re there when they’re researching the product (over the next day, week, month or even year). You’re there when they’re ready to buy.

And all through that time, you’ve been building a relationship. Perhaps even two-way if some reply (I get quite a few replies to my Emails).

Don’t get me wrong: it won’t guarantee you a sale, but it significantly increases the chances of you being picked when they are ready.

The other thing to say here – and I’ve mentioned writing like you speak a few times – is that when you write like you speak, you attract those that are like you. You may even successfully repel those are likely to be difficult for you to do business with, because they hold different opinions and values to you.

So finally, for when you start Emailing tomorrow (because you will…if you want to succeed) is to write an Email like they’d get from their friend or relative.

An Email that’s so plain, they wouldn’t even realise you used an automated system to send it.


Ben Waters

Direct Response Marketing & Web Design Expert

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