Ben Waters

Snow, snow, snow. Snow everywhere. And not only that, the wind is bloody freezing. “Feels like -11C” Feel like -9000C more like. (OK maybe I’m exaggerating a tiny bit…) Well, last night I was nice and warm, eating a home made curry and watching my possibly-all-time-favourite-film-ever… The Matrix. I haven’t watched it in years, and [...]

At the weekend we went to London to see a Dinosaur show. The whole thing was like a “meet the Dinosaurs experience” and the concept was, we’d travel back in time 67 million years, and see the Dinosaurs in their natural habitat. So you go into a time machine, put on your special glasses (cos [...]

Dirty Weekend…

I thought I was getting a bit better on Wednesday. Then I woke up yesterday an felt like I’d been hit by a truck. This morning is better, and fingers crossed I’ll make the park run tomorrow (the first bit of proper exercise I’ll have done in a week). It’s now well under three months [...]

Ah, Valentines Day. The one day of the year you’re supposed to show love and affection to your better half…. ….forget the other 364. They’re pointless. At least that’s what the retailers would have you believe…. ….it’s all about Valentines Day. So whilst I’m sitting here drinking my honey ‘n lemon (backed up by some [...]

I’m currently arguing with myself over going to the gym. I don’t think I can make a run (I’m in the beginning phase of what could be man-flu, so who knows if I’ll even make it to the end of the week…) I don’t like the break the routine, but I also feel rubbish… as [...]

Every now and then, I’ll head into a shower at the gym and find someone’s shower gel or shampoo. My first thought is, “Well, that’s lazy, if you’re finished, throw it away!” But a lot of the time there’s something in it. Obviously this isn’t a regular occurrence, just sometimes… How could they forget it? [...]

Doesn’t Christmas seem a long time ago, now? I bet anyone that made their New Years resolutions have given up already. I’m not one for going in for the ‘New Year New Me’ thing, but I do appreciate the people that do go in for it (and by that, I mean the people that try, [...]

Last week when I went for a run, I ended up coming back around ‘school time’. i.e. 8.45 or something. The route I run comes down a main road which has a side road where there’s a school. I vowed never to go that route around school time again. People are generally inconsiderate of runners, [...]

So I have a confession, and an explanation. You haven’t heard from me since last Wednesday… that’s nearly a full week. For someone who sends daily emails, this is a big gap. So… why? Well, it happens, every now and then I guess. I’ve opened the editor to write an email and……….. nothing. A blinking, [...]

So remember I moved downstairs? To the bigger, warmer office… But it had no network sockets. Well, with my spare 5 minutes here and there, I’ve managed to sort most of it out. But it meant one corner of the room had all the network points, and I needed one over the opposite corner for [...]

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