Arriving only to be told to go away again…

Yesterday I decided, rather last minute, to get a hair cut.

I took the boys with me, and went on a hunt for a suitable place.

Their usual place was shut, y’see, and I’ve gone off my old usual/local place.

It’s filled more and more with undesirables, holding loud vulgar conversations, and whilst that doesn’t really bother me, I’m find it a bit off putting taking my kids to a place filled with awful language and where you’ve got the barbers happily ‘vaping’ etc.

I’m not having a go – by the way – each to their own, and they can run their business how they like, but I guess I’m not their target market and that’s absolutely fine.

I found a place in the Broadway that was open. It was a few minutes before 1pm, and as I entered, both people cutting hair said “Oh, sorry, we’re closed, it’s 1 o’ clock..”


As infuriating as that was, I understand their decision. They have opening times – rules… effectively.

Your business, your rules.

The likelihood is, I won’t bother going there again – simply because it annoyed me. They could have let us in, put a closed sign up and turned their outdoor lights that were literally flashing “OPEN” so that I didn’t make the mistake of looping around twice to find a parking spot, getting the kids out the door and arriving only to be told to go away again…

So I went to my “usual usual” place. It’s about a minute’s walk from my office, so it’s very convenient.

And the service there is ridiculous compared to other places.

Inside there’s no loud conversations – it’s quiet, calm and relaxing. It’s the sort of place I’d prefer to be, as well as the place I’d happily take my kids. And I think they market themselves that way, too. That’s why targeting and “knowing your customer” is so important…

So it’s quiet.

It’s friendly.

It’s clean.

I mean, it looks showroom style clean – like they have a cleaner going around 24/7.

It looks modern, with everything looking “new” – and it’s been there a while, it’s just well maintained.

And they’re open seven days a week – bonus.

Basically, they’re back to being my “number one” place.

(But why did it drop off being my number one place? I’ll get to that…)

BUT… and here’s a bit but…

They’re making a huge mistake.


So huge it’s probably costing them… bah, I have no idea. HUGE.

What is it?

Well, I’ve been there I don’t know how many times.

Loads, over the last year or so.

But only when I remember they’re there.

Quite simply… I’d gone to the local-to-my-house place a couple of times just for convenience/timing.

I’d gone somewhere else because I’d simply forgotten about my favourite place.

For no other reason.

I was at home, so I went to the one nearest to my home.

Not because I preferred them, but because they were the ones I thought of.

I used to see the new-favourite place them more often, when I’d get the train to work – so they were almost always in my mind.

Lately, I get dropped in after I’ve been to the gym.

So I don’t see them, they’re not front of mind, and when I think of hair cut, I think of the local-to-my-house place because it’s right near to me right then.

But imagine if I’d been receiving follow up from them?

Reminding me, perhaps, that they’re open seven days a week.

Reminding me, perhaps, of how clean and lovely their place is.

Reminding me, perhaps, of how great they are at kids haircuts (and I think they’re head and shoulders (pun intended) above the rest actually).

Simple answer: they’d have had twice, maybe three times as much money out of me as they have.

Because hair cuts are one thing we always need, unless you’re bald, I guess.

Either way, they could do with reading a copy of my book… because I talk about all this stuff in there.

I talk about all the ways to get more business out of new and existing clients in a simple, straight forward talking book.

And because it’s Christmas and I’m feeling Christmassy, you can have your copy for just £7.

That covers the printing of the book, and the postage and packing to you.

Isn’t that nice o’ me?

Grab yours here.

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