Guaranteed To Help You Grow Your Business

Magnetic Tribe is a private, application-only membership group for small businesses. It’s done this way because, well, I’m not for everyone. I want to work with business owners who are committed, open to learning and most importantly – implementers.

That means you get stuff done. You don’t just talk about it, you do it.

Before I even get into what’s involved in the group, how much it costs and what you need to do to join – let me cover one very significant point.

If your membership is accepted (and I don’t accept applications from everyone – this isn’t anything personal it’s just that we want to make sure you’re the “right fit” for the group) then you have a full two months to see what’s inside, check out the material and then make your mind up. If you decide it’s not for you, just let me know and you’ll get a full refund. You’re 100% Guaranteed to be satisfied that the material I provide will help you grow your business.

So if you’re ready to find out more, and to apply to join, click here.

Tribe Tales

How to make sure you *don’t* get the contract

Do you watch The Apprentice? I’d not watched any this year, until the start of this week. Then I caught up with all the episodes so far. All I can say is, I hope most of the ‘cringeworthiness’ is down to the editing. I’m sure they make it look far more awkward than it is… Read More

Tiny little chunks

Monday and Wednesday are weight training days. Tuesday and Thursday are cardio days. Friday gets a bit of a mix, but is mostly cardio related stuff. Tuesdays and Thursdays used to be rowing, or walking at high incline on the treadmill, but it’s more running than anything now. By Christmas, I’d like to be running… Read More

Something to prove you’re ‘serious’…

Don’t you just love Black Friday? All those deals for all that stuff…. that you just have no need for. I was scanning Amazon at the weekend for a laugh, and some of the products that were discounted…… Well, let’s just say I can see why they were discounted. But I get it. It’s something… Read More

Ridiculous logic spread by complete lies

Not so long ago, I overheard a conversation about contactless. I think I might have been in a queue, or something, waiting to pay… I can’t remember (and it’s not important). What was important, or amusing, was the subject of the conversation. “I don’t use contactless, don’t trust ’em. People can just steal your contactless… Read More

I had no idea how cool it was…

So I’m writing this in a slight state of anger. I don’t know why, but today (yesterday), our Internet is being useless. I keep waiting up to a minute waiting for the page to reload as I’m trying to see the updates to code. So much so, that out of frustration, I’ve decided to make… Read More

A tale of paper jams and woe…

So I decided, rather last minute, to print out some leaflets for last night’s event. Being a techie chap, this should be a breeze. After all, I grew up poking and prodding all bits of computers, and spent the last 20 years helping other fix other people’s machines. So Kate designed it up, and I… Read More

It’s going to be awesome [Plus FREE Kindle Book]

So I overslept this morning. I remember my alarm going off… but amusingly, I didn’t realise it was my alarm. I remember getting angry. “Why is my phone making this God awful noise?!!” And I hit it repeatedly until it stopped. Good job. I woke up around 7, realising, er… oh yeah, that was my… Read More

15 minutes of frustration

So I’ve been on Three (mobile network) for as long as I can remember. But I decided to move to Vodafone, because my wife’s account is on Vodafone, and it’s tidier having one bill, one network to deal with, etc etc… I got a slightly better deal on the price plan, than Vodafone, although frankly… Read More

Migrating for the Winter?

Brrrr. Looks COLD out there. As I walk down the stairs I get to glance out the glass on the front door, and it looks like frost on the car. Might not be, hard to tell from a distance, but as it’s only 1 degree outside I imagine it could well be. Winter has truly… Read More

A smart move from Amazon…

So I discovered a new feature on the Amazon Echo yesterday. You can just tell it to play a story from Audible. I’ve been accruing Audible credits for a while now, with no idea what to spend them on. I don’t really get the opportunity to listen to audio books. I could listen to them… Read More