Guaranteed To Help You Grow Your Business

Magnetic Tribe is a private, application-only membership group for small businesses. It’s done this way because, well, I’m not for everyone. I want to work with business owners who are committed, open to learning and most importantly – implementers.

That means you get stuff done. You don’t just talk about it, you do it.

Before I even get into what’s involved in the group, how much it costs and what you need to do to join – let me cover one very significant point.

If your membership is accepted (and I don’t accept applications from everyone – this isn’t anything personal it’s just that we want to make sure you’re the “right fit” for the group) then you have a full two months to see what’s inside, check out the material and then make your mind up. If you decide it’s not for you, just let me know and you’ll get a full refund. You’re 100% Guaranteed to be satisfied that the material I provide will help you grow your business.

So if you’re ready to find out more, and to apply to join, click here.

Tribe Tales

Just looking pretty isn’t enough.

So here's an interesting thing. I've been writing, albeit slowly, a series of tips on web design. It's to coincide with my new website, as well as to fit in with my new focus on delivering health checks to people. (And no, not medical health checks, if this is the first time you've tuned into… Read More

We’ve Suffered An Absolute Disaster Here…

I got to the office this morning, and nearly turned around and went home. We have an absolute disaster here. I mean, it's catastrophic. Honestly. I don't know how we'll cope. The kettle is broken. Seriously. I flipped the switch, and washed my mug whilst I waited for it to boil. I turned off the… Read More

I Couldn’t Believe He Did This…

  Good lord, recruiting is hard. Thing is I'm not really "recruiting" at the moment. Just looking for a freelancer to help me out on a bit of work here and there. So I'm using Upwork, a website so full of freelancers there aren't enough sticks to shake at them. But the trouble is, when… Read More

I Saw A Funny Meme….

I woke up this morning, dragged myself out of bed and let the dog out. I stuck the kettle on, and opened up Facebook. And saw a funny meme. I really hate the motivational stuff, because it's all just trite crap that makes people feel like they're doing something because they feel motivated because they… Read More

It Stands Out, Makes You Laugh, And Gives You Everything You Need To Know…

Hurrah! My book is with the printers. Well, the draft is with the printers. I'm a good few weeks behind my schedule but with good reason. Quite simply, the demand for website health checks and new websites has had me working flat out. That and getting the Magnetic Tribe Inner Circle newsletters 'caught up' has… Read More

Free Bacon!! (Yes, It Happened…)

Who doesn't love free bacon? (Vegetarians, I guess...) Ages ago, I used to use a website called Cure & Simple. It was a weekly payment that went out on a Thursday, an on Friday I'd have me some bacon by post. It was awesome. Always just in time for the weekend, and the thing I… Read More

Are Chickens Getting Hairier?

Now you may be wondering WTF I'm going on about... ...bear with me. I haven't been that "healthy" lately... and by that, more specifically, I mean I haven't been sticking to my "diet plan". Between takeaways, booze and just generally eating whatever - I am pretty far off my training plan in general. So I… Read More

Stupid-memory-itis Syndrome….

I had a great topic for an email today. And I sat down to write and...... blank. Hate that. Don't you? OK... you might not do daily emails (which you should) but we all suffer from that at one point don't we. Stupid-memory-itis. You go to do something, walk in a room perhaps, and completely… Read More

Writing About The One Thing…

So I was up late last night. Writing. You know, writing my first book - Digital Magnetism - was quite hard. Hard in the sense that I had to search and think, and really be focused on what topics I wanted in there. This book has been ridiculously easy to write so far. But then… Read More

They Do Stupid Things, Break It, Then Blame The Company…

I get the feeling my laptop is going to end up being repaired soon. (Fortunately, still in warranty). I keep getting like the artifact type interference across in lines, or in brief spots. All appearing for less than a second, but randomly, and all over the screen. Loose connection, maybe? Maybe... but I'm not about… Read More